Soluções completas para um mundo sem fronteiras

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"Entrepreneurial, relentless and passionate by nature"

A carismatic, intuitive and brave leader. Tati leads the company as a team. She applies her values to everything she does: hard work, momentum and talent. She motivates for consistently creative results and finds inspiration in all facets of her life.



A strategist. Eternally in love with art, fashion, music and gastronomy. Visionary, an optimist and fiercely committed to innovation in all her projects. What inspires Cris? Authentic people, travel and the visual arts.

ALL-INCLUSIVE solutions for a BORDERLESS world.

Founded in 1984, Conceito Brazil is a pioneer in all-inclusive services for business promotion both in Brazil and abroad

Our goal is to design services that generate business opportunities for companies in 70 countries with results-oriented planning, operational support and logistics.




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Rua Cerro Corá, 1696

Alto de Pinheiros - São Paulo - SP
CEP 05061-300
+55 (11) 3527-5000


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 Soluções completas para um mundo sem fronteiras